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Shark Proof Your Local Marketing!


Shark Proof Your Local Marketing!

Small Businesses Must Market Locally. The Question Is How Can You Do It Profitably?

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - SEM - Search Engine Marketing - PPC - Pay Per Click. Confusing and what you don't know can hurt your business. How can you avoid the sharks of internet marketing? These cold blooded, heartless killing machines will eat a small business advertising budget alive.

Sharks work great in the beginning.

You get plenty of calls the first three months of a 12 month contract. But then, the Sharks dial back the Google Adwords and Bing Ads spend. Your ads are seldom seen and the calls dry up and there is nothing you can do, unless you want to pay them more. It's always "more"!

With another Shark, you share the calls with five other contractors.

You call back only to find they've already got three guys on the way to give them a bid, or worse, they don't even answer the phone!

There is an alternative: Hire a Local SEM Pro

Avoid Shark infested waters. Navigate into safe waters by calling Bob Rutledge, a top rated Google Partner and Local SEM Pro Nation Wide.

You'll Get the Same Marketing Expertise a Large Agency Would Provide. With Much Lower Overhead, My Low Fees Will Save You a Lot of Money. Plus, There's No Contract. I Either Perform or You Fire Me!

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"My Guy" for Digital Marketing Since 2002

Since 2002, I have been running PPC campaigns, designing websites, and providing analytical proof to my clients that Local Search Engine Marketing is their most profitable advertising medium.

I am not a big agency! But I am one, very experienced guy you can always call direct.

You can trust me to provide you with the highest marketing ROI on a budget of $300 or $30,000 per month. I have tons of experience at both and will show you examples of current and historical results. You can then contact my references to verify the data.

Call 678-460-7601 now to see if I should be your trusted Local Search Marketing guy.

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Attention HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Service Contractors

PPC Plans Start as low as $100/Month Plus Google/Bing ADs Spend.

Attention HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Service Contractors

PPC Plans Start as low as $100/Month Plus Google/Bing ADs Spend.

LocalSEM.Pro is a MicroManaged Media, Inc. website.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM): The 4 Tools You Need Most

1. Experienced Adwords Management

2. Landing Page Design That Convert

3. Call Tracking, Texting, Form Submissions

4. Good Review Generation, Screening 

Pay Per Click Marketing for Service Companies: Plumbers, HVAC, Electricians, Fence Builders, and More

Pay Per Click is not about being at the top and getting the most clicks. Clicks must convert to calls. The prospect must be compelled to call you now. 


Hello! My name is Bob Rutledge. I am the sole proprietor and operator of MicroManaged Media, Inc. and this website, LocalSEM.Pro.

Stop Wasting Time and Money with Big Agencies who have sales reps calling you every day. (Especially the ones in California! Ask me to explain when you call.)

I don't have hundreds of clients. I'm looking for just a couple of clients in this area that I can manage personally. Isn't that what you've been looking for? Call 678-460-7601 now to bring me up to speed on your situation.

Allow me to send you my references. I have clients that you can call to verify that I have been their Local Search Engine Marketing guy since 2009.

I guarantee two things: You will get my personal attention for all the work done for your business, and you will be profitable. If not, you can stop at any time. There is no contract.

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Adwords Management

SEO is dead. Stop wasting money to get ranked organically.

In most cases, you'll be "below the fold" even when you are ranked at the top.

Your site may be ranked in the top of the SERPs for "toilet repair" generating you thousands of hits per month, but what good is that if the searcher is in Poughkeepsie and NOT Nation Wide? I see this "fake SEO" all the time.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to small business websites. Note: As the advertiser, you should always pay Google AdWords and Bing Ads directly. That is the only way you'll know how much was really spent on your ads. Fee based PPC management is the only transparent billing model.

You'll understand that I don't publish my fees for all to see, but you'll not find a better deal with any reputable agency. Call 678-460-7601 for prices and details of what is included.

I will give you a hint: Landing Page Website(s) Provided at No Additional Cost. Call your current web developer and ask how much each landing page will cost, then call me.

Bonus: I provide the website for PPC at no additional cost to you! I design every landing page to earn the highest Quality Score, Click Thru Rate, and Conversion Rate. No Maintenance Fees Ever.

Landing Page Design

Are you still sending paid traffic to your home page? Dont!

A professionally designed landing page can improve your conversion rates. At today's extreme PPC costs, you need visitors to call now, and not hit the back button.

When designing a website, I adhere to the fundamental rules of conversion centered design including a clear and concise value statement. I focus the whole page on a single message, and guide visitors toward a single call to action, ie "pick up the phone and call now".

Call Tracking

How do you know your advertising campaign is working? You must track all forms of advertising.

Your call center answers the call, and we provide you with a recording of the call, the caller ID, including the caller's name and location in most cases.

Our call tracking service includes form submission, calling and sending text messages from the tracking number. All of this for a very modest additional monthly fee.

Review Generation

In real estate, its all about "Location, Location, Location." Marketing a service company is all about ,"Reviews, Reviews, Reviews".

Collecting good customer reviews are the single most effective bit of marketing you can do for your company. I can systematically guide your clients and employees to gather great reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and more.

My system will usually guide unhappy clients away from leaving bad reviews that cause damage to your firm. Get all of this for a very modest additional monthly fee.

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My Esteemed Clients

Get Better Reviews: Visit Our Website GetBetter.Reviews Now!

Its Easy to Get Bad Reviews. We Get You Good Ones.

Your clients' voices are amplified, sometimes beyond all reason. That makes it abundantly clear that you need to control the conversation.

Its easy to get bad reviews. You can't please everyone. Implement a system to screen out bad customers, get happy ones to leave a great review. A good word makes for great sales.

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There Is No Room At The Top

You used to ranked at the top of the search engines for your money making keywords. Over the last few years, you have spent a fortune on Search Engine Optimization. Now, something is wrong. You are not at the top anymore and your phones have stopped ringing.

I hear your story every day. Google and other search engines have pushed the "free" results down. Now you must pay, i.e. run pay-per-click ads. You can curse the darkness or hire a Local SEM Pro.

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The Latest Website Designs

Easy on the eyes, I develop fast loading websites with a call to action and a high trust factor. I employ responsive, WordPress designs exclusively.

Do You Need a Website or Redesign for Your Business?

Digital marketing is the bulk of what I do all day long. Over the decades, I have become a very proficient web designer. I have completely written the copy and designed the graphics for more than 600 websites. I am an expert at getting your website on site search engine optimized. 

Fire Your SEO Today

Money Saving Fact: It you are paying a monthly SEO charge, don't. It is a complete waste of money. On site SEO is important, but once it's done, it's done.

Low Quality Scores Costing You?

Adwords has a Quality Score. Read about it here. We earn such high marks with Google, that our fees are more than covered by the savings earned with high quality scores.

You can increase your ROI with our service. You can compete in your market profitably. You will be provided a high quality website at no additional charge.

We have complete control of the process. That means we get higher Quality Scores. High quality ads, top converting keywords, and relevant landing pages mean greater ROI.

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