How Much Does Google Ads Cost?

It costs a lot more than all the articles say! I just read that a search per bid is typically $1 to $2. For what serve or product? In the verticals I work these numbers are far from the truth.

For example, "ac repair" in Dallas TX is over $120 per click and some derivations are $210 per click.

In the coastal area of Alabama and Florida, those same words are $64 per click to be in the top position.

In the Atlanta, GA market,to be at the top of the page for "roofing companies near me" would require a bid of $49 per click. Your daily budget should be 10 or more times that.

PPC Google Ads is a Job for Experienced Professionals

With costs this high, a do-it-yourself campaign manager can get destroyed. Google Ad are free to set up. Google will set it up for you (Warning: Do Not Allow Google To Set Up Your Ad Campaign!). But if you make the least mistake, the money you lost would pay for an experienced campaign manager.

Call Bob Rutledge now to manager your Google Ads.

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