What Are Google Ads?

Simply put, if you want your website to show up at the top of the search engine for a particular search keyword, you can enter an auction where placement generally goes to the highest bidder.

So, if you are a fence builder and you have a fence building website or Facebook page (which I don't recommend as a landing page) you can bid against your competition in Marietta, GA and you will pay $12 per click if you are at the top.

That's great, right? No. You must offer the prospect a quality website to land on, meaning you have about three seconds to convince them you are honest, reliable, and capable of performing the service offered. That's a lot for three seconds and $12.

Now imagine 100 clicks on your ad and no calls, no appointments, and no sales. $1.200 gone.

Call Bob Rutledge now to manage your Google Ads.

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